Wellbeing ยท The heart of Cordes Solutions

Wellbeing is the heart of Cordes Solutions. The divisions Health & Beauty, Money and Betterlife form Wellbeing and the Wellbeing Club.

The purpose of the Wellbeing Club is to give interested people the opportunity to get information about each of the named divisions in a simple and easy way at a low cost. We offer personal support, consulting, coaching, workshops, tutorials, trips, and special online offers. The Wellbeing Club is open to members and guests. It represents the concept of personal freedom and development within the human being, including health, prosperity, and happiness.


The Wellbeing Club

The Wellbeing Club supports people to become more satisfied and happy, to reach a point in their life when they feel really good in every way.

The Wellbeing Club will be opened officially in 2012. Until then, the detailed work on the concept and the organization will continue. The ongoing projects also will continue and more one on one consultations will take place.

One of my goals in 2013 will be the publishing of the guide and gift book "Wellbeing - Your Weight follows your Satisfaction" and the book "Wellbeing 2013". If you would like to know more about those projects, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The services include consultation, counseling, coaching, seminars, trips and online offers. Experienced and educated consultants, instructors and speakers will be available for club members and guests.

Next to many interesting details and various highlights, the following aspect is most important: There is no price list and no fixed club fee. Everyone can pay what he thinks the services to achieve defined goals are worth. This way, everyone can afford the Wellbeing Club and use it to progress in his life. The motto of the Wellbeing Club is: "I feel real good!"